moluccan cockatoo price

So, how much does a moluccan cockatiel cost? There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a moluccan cockatiel. The most important factor is the age of the cockatiel. If the cockatiel has significant issues in its past family then the cost will be greater. If the seller is a commercial bird lover or is simply a pet store owner without commercial interest.

moluccan cockatiel

If a moluccan cockatiel is purchased from an individual seller the cost of the bird can vary. The seller may be more willing to allow for a small margin of error than a store or breeder who is dealing with several birds. This means that it is necessary for the buyer to carefully research a seller before making a purchase. A good seller will have plenty of information available about the birds he is selling. Also, he should provide pictures and sometimes even video for potential buyers to view.


The best place to find a seller with several birds is on a birding message board. Usually these birding forums have a large number of sellers who are selling birds. Often times the seller will have pictures of their birds and often times they will offer to take pictures and videos for a potential purchaser of one of their birds.

Molucca cockatiel

In addition to purchasing a Molucca cockatiel at a local breeder the price may also depend on where the bird is bought. Usually the larger and more well known breeders will charge more for the bird than a smaller breeder. These larger breeders typically have a greater profit margin so they can afford to charge a higher price for the bird and in turn can give the bird a better chance for survival. However, there are still exceptions to this rule.

Some people prefer not to buy from breeders. Instead, they will choose to buy the bird from a pet store. These people may be able to get a bird at a lower price since these stores often carry several different types of birds. However, these birds are usually less likely to have received a lot of care and may be subject to more common illnesses and diseases than birds that were not bought from a breeder.


Since buying the bird directly from the breeder generally costs less than purchasing the bird from a private seller the final cost will also reflect that. The amount of money that a breeder is willing to spend will be based upon the breed of cockatiel that he has. The breeder will be willing to pay more because he is more likely to raise a higher quality bird than a less expensive bird.


The more reputable and popular breeders will have a lot of information available to their buyers. They will know about the birds’ breed history and may even have pictures of birds that were previously owned. They will also have a website for visitors to check out. This is especially helpful if the buyer is new to bird watching.


One thing that all cockatiels do not have in common is that they all need constant and regular maintenance. It is important for the seller to ensure that a bird is not overfed or starved. Birds require adequate amount of fresh water. as well as daily baths. Birds also need to be cleaned and bathed on a regular basis for cleaning and health reasons.


Some people want to purchase the moluccan cockatoo in order to take it to the vet. If the bird is healthy enough to be sold then that will help the person to save money in vet bills. The vet will check the bird’s heart for heart disease and also look for any other health problems that could cause the bird to have a problem with flying or be injured.


A bird that is in good condition will have no problems and will come to live with the owner. If the bird is in good condition then it will probably be easy for the seller to find a buyer and make a nice profit off of it. However, it is also very possible for a bird to become ill and need expensive treatment at a vet. Since a bird may live for up to fifteen years before dying a healthy bird will always be in demand.


After the bird has been purchased, a seller should put it up in a cage or bird house that is suitable for the bird. A bird house that has enough space for a bird to spread its wings and fly around will also help it to fly freely. A cage or house should be large enough for the bird to climb up and down on its own without harming itself.

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